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 We have looked long and hard for hair extensions that we think you will love!

Hair Extensions Totton

There are many types of hair extensions available and we wanted to make sure that what we chose would satisfy you as well as us!

We wanted Quality, Variety, Ease of Use and a Guarantee from a company with Moral Standards.

We found everything we were looking for in the Balmain collection…..

Balmain Hair is a global leading hair extension company who continuously strive to keep the human hair business fair and ethical.

After doing some careful research into our clients expectations and their experience with hair extensions we decided that the ‘Elegance’ Collection and the ‘Hair Make-Up’ collection from Balmain would be perfect.

hair extensions tottonBeyoncé, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and many more are all regularly being snapped wearing the latest Balmain designs!

These collections together consist of 7 hair up pieces, clip-in extensions, and tape-in extensions.

Balmain hair use human hair and Memory®Hair to make up the hair pieces.

Memory®Hair: All hair-ups are made of artificial human hair, containing the ‘Memory®Hair complex’ patented by Balmain. Without damaging the hair, you can straighten or curl it with a styling iron. After it is washed, the piece always dries into its natural shape. Looks and feels natural, like real hair!

Invisible attachment: thanks to special gentle-lock clips (integrated into the hair-up) the hairpiece can be attached invisibly and firmly.

Natural colour match: thanks to the mix of various tone-on-tone colour mix the Elegance collection always matches the natural own hair colour. To wear the hair in a knot or ponytail, it only has to match the natural, own basic colour.

Professional quality: each hair-up is handmade. That’s why the hair looks natural and can be easily modelled.

No extra help needed: you can attach the pieces to your own hair easily.

Lightweight material: makes it comfortable to wear

What’s the Difference between the collections?

The Elegance Collection

The Elegance collection consists of five trendy looks which are all simply attached into the hair with just one clip!

hair extensions totton Saint-Tropez – braided knot
The most classic style and the hot trend of the moment: a braided knot.
Cannot be distinguished from the real thing!
hair extensions totton Nice twist wavy and Paris twist straight
A straight hairpiece with a metal thread worked into it, allowing it to be easily bent into various shapes – a trendy ponytail or a knot, for example. Nice and Paris can be placed into the hair for more volume. Nice is curly hair, Paris is straight hair.
hair extensions totton Bordeaux curl clip short and Cannes curl clip long
Slightly curled hair-ups in two lengths: short curl and long curl. The styles are eminently suitable for combining (one short and one long curl together, for example), but can also be mixed with Nice or Paris.
hair extensions totton Toulouse short and Monaco long
The perfect product to create a gorgeous and voluminous ponytail. The tails are easily fixed around the own tail by the patented ‘C-Clip’ system. This secures the hairpiece in the most invisible way. Two lengths available.
 hair extensions totton Extra: Finishing Accents
Finishing Accents are hair pins on which one lock of hair is attached. They are easily and quickly placed to one’s own hair. The hairpin can be simply slid into the hair for a playful finishing touch. Ideal for giving blond hair a few lowlights or brown hair a few highlights.

The Hair Make Up Collection

This range consists of various types of clip-in and tape-in pieces. Whether you’re looking for all over added length and volume or simply to add some colour this range does it all. All of the hair pieces come in a wide range of colours and lengths.

Quick & Easy

hair extensions totton

  • Clip-in for daily application
  • Tape-in for semi permanent application
  • 1 minute application
  • Quick end result
High Quality
  • 100% human hair
  • 6 months guarantee when using Balmain Hair Care
  • Layered hair for perfect integration
  • Re-usable
Will wearing clip-ins damage my hair?

Not with Balmain! Balmain are the only hair extension company to have addressed this problem. It has been known that over time the metal clips that are used on the hair pieces can have a damaging affect on your own hair.

Balmain have solved this problem by coating the clips with silicone which provides a soft barrier between your hair and the clip. Each individual clip shows the Balmain name to reassure you of the quality.

Clip-In v. Tape-In

Clip-In hair extensions give you the flexibility to attach them to your hair when you want. They can be worn every day or just on special occasions.

Tape-In hair extensions are a brand new idea from Balmain. Hair pieces are placed in the hair using the already attached Balmain glue tape whilst you’re in the salon. This takes just a few minutes (depending on how many pieces you want) and will last between 2 and 4 weeks. After this time, if you wish, we can remove the pieces, renew the Balmain glue tape and re apply!

This is a great way of experimenting with hair colour and all colours are available.

Call us today on 023 8067 5305 to arrange a time when you can come to the salon and try out the Elegance hair pieces for yourself, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create beautiful hair up in minutes!

Hair Extensions Totton

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