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Making Sure You’re Safe

Here at Elegance we care about our clients. For this reason when you become one of our clients we will skin test you 48 hrs before commencement of any hair colour taking place. This is a necessary precaution even if – and especially if – you have been colouring your hair for a long time. This is a very simple procedure which only takes a few minutes of your time.

hair colour totton

Thorough Consultation is Essential

If this is the first time you have had a colour with Elegance or maybe we’ve coloured your hair before but this time you are having a change of colour please allow plenty of time for your appointment and your parking! This is because we like to take the time to find out your colour requirements and expectations. A thorough consultation is an important first step on achieving your colour goal. Of course if you prefer, you can come into the salon for a free colour consultation on another day before your hair colour appointment day.

Our main colour choice is Matrix Professional as their products give great colour results and also look after the condition of your hair throughout the colour process. Matrix also have after care products which you can purchase to take home that work in harmony with the hair colour to help you maintain your colour even longer.

We will discuss with you all the various colour technique options available and show you the colours from the shade chart that are suitable for your personal requirements taking into account your lifestyle and whether you prefer low or high maintenance hair colour. We will also discuss with you what you would like to achieve for your overall finished look.

Prepare to Relax!

Once we have decided on which colour(s) and which colour process(es) we are going to use we will prepare you with a gown and towel to protect your clothes and of course refreshments and magazines. We will then get everything else ready before the application of your colour. All you need to do now is relax!

Professional Application of Colour

Your hair colour is professionally applied to create the outcome you desire as discussed in the consultation. Colour is then left to develop. Different colours have different processing times and this can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour. During this time again you’re free to just relax and we will provide you with further refreshments as required.

Prescription Shampooing and Conditioning

Your colour is fully developed and ready to be removed. Your hair will be shampooed and conditioned with Matrix Biolage products which we will prescribe for your particular hair type. After a colour this is usually Colourcarethérapie Shampoo and Conditioner along with a Colourcarethérapie Cera-Repair treatment as required. Available only in Biolage salons, Cera-Repair treatments contain patented ceramide technology with a balance of conditioning and nourishing ingredients for an indulgent in-salon experience, to leave your hair feeling soft and healthier looking.

Creating Your Finished Look

Your hair is now ready to be cut and styled as you choose to compliment your beautiful new colour. To complete your look we will use suitable styling products from the Matrix range including the wonderful Colourcarethérapie Colour Care Shine Shake. This is a dual phase conditioning spray designed to help preserve the vibrancy of colour-treated hair and leaves hair looking shiny. This is Matrix’s current Star Product!

We can also advise you on how to keep your hair looking its best at home and which products we recommend for you to achieve this. We want your colour to last as long as possible as much as you do and we can insure that the best way to achieve this is to use quality professional products.

We will advise you how often you will need to come into the salon to maintain your hair colour and schedule your next appointment.


Elegant Hair Colour Totton Price List

Stylist Creative Director
T Bar of Foils Short Hair £60.50 £65.00
T Bar of Foils Long Hair £71.50 £75.00
Half Head of Foils Short Hair £71.50 £75.00
Half Head of Foils Long Hair £82.50 £85.00
Full Head of Foils Short Hair £88.00 £90.00
Full Head of Foils Long Hair £99.00 £100.00
Tone on Tone Colour (Semi Permanent)
Short Hair
£60.50 £60.00
Tone on Tone Colour (Semi Permanent)
Long Hair
£66.00 £70.00
Root Retouch Short Hair £49.50 £55.00
Root Retouch Long Hair £60.50 £65.00
Colour Application between Foils £10.00 £10.00
Colour Correction By Quotation By Quotation
All Colour services include a Cut and Finish.

If you would like to indulge in a treatment prescribed for your individual hair type and receive a sample to take home please upgrade to our Deluxe Package by adding £10 to any of the prices listed.

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