Why Choose Elegance?

Elegance Hairdressing Totton

Elegance Difference #1 – We are an approachable salon with a friendly, relaxing environment…..

elegance hairdressing totton

elegance hairdressing totton

Salons can be intimidating places when you first walk in…..it’s like everyone stops to look at you, the needle scratches off the record….tumbleweed rolls down the road.

At Elegance Hairdressing Totton we like to have fun although always remaining professional, so never be surprised if you come in and find us laughing loudly with our clients! We have often been told it’s more like a social occasion where you get your hair done at the same time!


Elegance Difference #2 – We Care about our Clients

We value our clients and their business. We never rush our service and you will always receive a thorough consultation.

We are the only salon in the local area to have received a 4 star rating from The Good Salon Guide.

The Good Salon Guide is the only independent, nationwide scheme for assessing professional standards and services within the hairdressing industry.

Hairdressing salons are visited and objectively assessed by professionally trained inspectors against a set of strict criteria in the same way as the well-known AA or RAC hotel guides, giving consumers confidence in their choice.

A Good Salon Guide rating shows that the salon has suitably trained and qualified staff, top quality products and aims to achieve and maintain the highest standards.

Elegance Difference #3 – We ONLY use quality, professional products

We take pride in the products we use and are passionate about their quality. We only use professional products. We are not a salon that will refill the shampoo and conditioner bottles used at the basin with cheap alternatives and then use them on your hair. Here are a few of our favourites….

Colorcarethérapie Range:

Helps to protect colour-treated hair. Enriched with Orchid extract, this luxurious formula helps maintain the depth, tone and shine of colour-treated hair.

Hydrathérapie Range:

Taking inspiration from the rainforest’s ever-replenishing moisture cycle, new Biolage Hydrathérapie continuously moisturises hair to help break the dryness. Hair feels touchably soft and healthy-looking.

Fortethérapie Range:

For damaged, chemically-treated hair, combines science and nature to create formulas to nourish hair with conditioning ingredients and help it feel stronger.

Smooththérapie Range:

Smoothes unruly and frizzy hair. The formula containing Camellia oil helps to control frizz and keep hair feeling smooth.

Whatever your hair type or hair challenge Biolage has a solution.



We know that for the best result of any salon service that we provide quality products must be used from start to finish. This is why we choose Matrix products – number 1 in America and heading that way in the UK. Matrix products are professional yet affordable so are also perfect for clients to continue using at home.

Elegance Difference #4 – Our salon is clean

We are a very busy salon but we maintain a clean environment. Tools and equipment are sterilised in ‘Barbicide’ and you will always receive a freshly washed towel!

elegance hairdressing totton

Elegance Difference #5 – We give you a friendly nudge!

We know how busy our clients are so we are equipped with state of the art technology which enables us to you send text and email appointment reminders. This is something our clients love and often we hear comments like ‘I don’t even get this service from my dentist!’

Elegance Difference #6 – We keep up to date

We value education and are committed to ongoing training. We know as hairdressers that we need to keep moving with the times as fashion is constantly changing. Therefore we each attend at least two courses per month. These courses range from new product launches and new colour launches, refresher courses, bridal hair, product training and many more. We also like to attend an annual show provided by Matrix Professional which gives us an insight to the following years trends.

All of this gives us the inspiration and skills to help you create the look you desire.

Elegance Difference #7 – We let our clients do the talking here!

We have a lot of happy clients with over 80% being repeat clients.

We look forward to you becoming one of them!


Designed by: Salon Business Expert